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Welcome to MinnDak Key Club

It's time for DCON! Start your club registration today!

Upcoming Event Dates: 

This info is exactly what you need. Mark it in your calendar, plan it out with your club, and make it to these events! More info coming soon!

  1. 2016 District Leadership Conference (a.k.a DCON!)
    Holiday Inn, Willmar, MN; April 8–10, 2016
  2. 2016 Key Club International Convention (a.k.a ICON!):
    Atlanta, GA; July 6–10, 2016

Does any of this look super fun to you?

Plan ahead! All of these fun photos were taken at our 2014–2015 District Leadership Confernece! (a.k.a. DCON!)

It's not just any old convention though... It's a Key Club Convention!

(That means guaranteed fun. For real... Like pie-in-face kind of fun!)

We had a blast at the 2015 Fall Rally! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!

Key Club Pledge

Key Club is more than just a line on your resumé. It's a way of life.

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Get in touch with your fellow clubs!

We've just posted the 2015-2016 MinnDak Club Directory here! You can also find it under "Our District" in the website menu. 

If you see any missing or incorrect information, please contact! (Emma will appreciate your help!)