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Board Members

Executive board


GOVERNOR -  Jessie Ernster 

Board pic Jamie.jpg

  Hi Minn-Dak! My name is Jessie Ernster. I'm a senior at Brainerd High School and am thrilled to be serving as you 2016-2017 District Governor! I've been involved in Key Club since freshman year; I love being part of an organization that contributes enormous change in both local and global communities and provides students with ample opportunities to flourish  as leaders and civil servants.

In addition to Key Club, my other loves are Disney movies, summer bike rides, ice cream, and historical puns. Other activities I'm involved in include tennis, Interact Club, National Honors Society and Spanish Club.

My goals for the year are to increase attendance at district events, as well as to promote participation and involvement in the district year round by way of a pen pals system and communal online resources which any member can edit, with the hopes of creating a connective and collaborative network of Minn-Dak clubs. I'm so excited to see what this year brings and can't wait to meet as many of you as possible! Please email me anytime at with any questions, concerns or ideas! Here's to a great year!


Secretary - Ivan Wognin  

Hello Key Clubbers. My name is Ivan Wognin from Division 2, and I am happy to be assuming the position of District Secretary of the MinnDak District. I am honored to be apart of such a life changing effort to positively affect the world in service. I thank you for allowing me the privilege of being on the board.

Three random things to know about me is that I am a dog person, Noodles&Company is always the move, and I am a firm believer in the gospels.

This year I hope to make sure I can positively effect communication within our District. I plan to do that by being in contact with all of my LTGs when I need to, make sure to meet as many Key Clubbers as I can during conventions, and also keep our District Directory up to work with all of you this year. My email is Should you ever need my help or if you would simply like to talk, I'm here. I hope you all enjoy the next year of Key Club.


Bulletin Editor - Samantha Bloodsaw 

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha Bloodsaw and I am just ecstatic to be the 2016-2017 Minn-Daks District Bulletin Editor. I'm a senior at Columbia Heights High School. I've been in Key Club since freshman year and I'v loved every second of it. I love being apart of something that is bigger than yourself and helping others. Last year I was a class rep in my club.


Other then Key Club I am involved in Link Crew, Choir, the Columbia Heights Royalty Program, I also am one of the managers for the boys swim team. I am also one of the captain of my school's girl swim team.  Outside of my extracurricular activities I love watching movies and shows on the DVR or Netflix, reading and listening to music. I also have three part time jobs.


This year I'd like to bring creative and fun ideas to the board, along with better communication. I know, that with willingness and time this year will be awesome and full service! If you have any ideas, events, or articles  email them to me at . With your help, the services this year is going to be absolutely amazing! 


Lieutenant  governors


Division 1 - Alicea Hiller 

Hello everyone! My name is Alicea Hiller. This fall I will be a Junior at Minot Magic City. I have the privilege to serve as LTG for my beloved Division 1. This is my second year in Key Club.

I am currently the president of my school's French Club. I also take part in National Honors Society. I enjoy traveling and this upcoming summer I will be headed to Australia for two weeks. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my friends, or going to the gym.

As much as I love working out at the gym, I'm excited to work on my leadership skills through being an LTG. My goals for this year include being an LTG. My goals for this year include bringing Division 1 closer together to see more of us at Fall Rally and DCON. I'm super excited to work with everyone this year. Should you wish to contact me, you can email me at! I can't wait to see what this year has in store!


Division 2 - Martin Altenburg 

Hello! My name is Martin Altenburg and I am a rising senior at Fargo North High School. I serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 2 which includes schools in the Fargo area and in western Minnesota. I've been active in Key Club since the start of my freshman year and can easily say it's been one of the most meaningful, enriching activities I've participated in. Whether at the local or district level, it's easy to see how Key Club enables high schoolers to volunteer with their friends and learn more about their cimmunity. 

In terms of goals for next year, I want to see more schools outside of the Fargo area become active as only one non-Fargo high school attended the conference this year. Also, I feel a district level service project would be an amazing while also developing meaningful relationships between our schools.

In addition to Key Club, I play violin in our school orchestra and community Youth Symphony, run track and cross country, swim,serve as president of our school's Spanish club,  and participate in student council, environmental club, science olympaid, and the Fargo Youth Initiative. A fun fact about me is that I am a total nerd and have a Twitter page for my calculator (@TINsporeCX) which you should really follow. I look forward to the upcoming year and can't wait to see what it has in store for both Division 2 and our region.



Division 3a - Delton Gabel

Hello everyone, I am Delton Gabel, the Division 3a Liaison. I am currently a senior at Fargo North High School. Key Club brings passion, commitment, and service all into one place.

Besides Key Club, I am involved in many other activities: Philanthropy and Youth (PaY), Spanish Club, Relay for Life Leadership Committee, National Honor Society, an well as athree sport athlete: soccer, swimming, and baseball. I love to travel and vist new and interesting places. Hiling, swimming, rollerblading, and cliff jumping are a few of my favorite activities to do in my free time.

This upcoming year, I am looking forward to many things. Having youth  involved together can make an enormous impact. We just have to work together as a team making anything possible. I hope to build a better communication within Division 3a and bring a new view to the District Board. Feel free to email me at minndakdivision3a@gmail


Division 3b - Emily Rice


Hello Key Clubbers! I'm Emily Rice, your Division 3b Liaison. I'm a Sophomore a Fridley High School in division 7a. This is m second year with Key Club and third year with the Kiwanis Family. Along with Key Club, I spend my time in Theater, Band, and, Speech. I also run a blog about Linguistics.


I hope to meet of you in Division 3b and I look forward to strengthening the bonds between our Division and District. I'm extremely thrilled to be on the board and have the opportunity to work with you all. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at


Division 4 - Allison Engel


Board pic Allison.jpg

Hey everyone! I'm Allison Engel, your Division 4 LTG! I served on the 2015-2016 board and now I'm on the 2016-2017 board! My goals for this year is to increase club members in the existing clubs and to hopefully get some others started.


I enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, baseball,traveling, cliff jumping, and volleyball! I am also class secretary for student council! I love the outdoors! I love to do service projects that we can go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I love to interact with people and because of Key Club I know that I want to impact people's and animals lives by being a veterinarian! If you ever need someone to do something outdoors feel free to contact me at!



Division 5 - Kacie Iverson 


Hello MinnDak! I hope you all are as excited as I am for the upcoming Key Club year. My name is Kacie Iverson, Liaison for Division 5 and I am a junior at Fargo South High School. Alongside Key Club I am involved in Junior Classical League (Latin Club) and swimming.Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my friends and family, and spending my weekends at the lake.


Last year I enjoyed my experience as LTG for Division 2, but I am prepared to meet some new faces and work with a new area of the MinnDak District. One goal of mine is to get more people involved, I've had such a life changing experience with Key Club and I would not want anyone else to miss out on that opportunity. My "Key Club Moment" happened during freshman year during our annual Valentine's day service project. Watching as people gave Valentines to their friends, significant others, even people they didn't know showed me that people have the power to do amazing things, that's when I knew that I had made the right decision joining Key Club. 


I hope I get to meet all of you at our District events and can't wait for a great Key Club year!



Division 6 - Nidhi Jariwala 


Hello, I am Nidhi Jariwala. I am the Liaison of Division 6. I attended the 2016 District Convention and I had the chance to meet some amazing people and learn more about Key Club than I ever could have before. I had an incredible time and look forward to returning next year.

I believe my experience in Key Club will allow me to be a great Liaison for this Division. This year I have volunteered at many different events such as school carnivals, Basketball Tournaments, Latino Family Night, and Feed My Starving Children. These events have helped me realize what a small group of people can do to improve the community. The feeling of that is wonderful and I want to spread that feeling to others. I have put a great amount of time and energy this year in Key Club helping serve my community. Because of this, I have earned over one hundred hours volunteering. I have learned a lot from the projects such as event planning, organization skills, and leadership skills and I know I could apply this knowledge to being the Liaison.

In addition to Key Club, I played softball through the Woodbury Athletic Association, I am a player and ambassador of the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony Orchestra or GTCYS, and the president of the Human Rights Club at my school. In GTCYS, I play the cello and severe as an ambassador the purpose of which is to give presentations to potential orchestra players and convince them to join GTCYS. I have made presentations to the Woodbury High School orchestra and the Lira Collaborative Arts School. The Human Rights Club is a club I created at my school to help raise money for different charities. Each meeting, the members and I discuss about certain societal issues and brainstorm fundraisers to raise money to help solve these problems. We are currently planning to set up a cake walk at our school to raise money for homeless shelters.

I have already impacted my community from what I am currently participating in, but I know I can and want to do more. I know I cannot do this alone so that is why I think it is important to educate the youth about what Key Club does. If we teach the youth about how Key Club is great for learning about communication, service, and leadership skills, they would be encouraged to join. That is my goal, to get passionate members full of potential.

I want to continue to volunteer and change the lives of others for as long as I can. I know I cannot do it alone which is why being Liaison and working with others who care can make an extraordinary impact on the world.


Board pic Aaron.jpg

Division 7a - Devonna Singer


Hey Minn-Dak Key Clubbers! My name is Devonna Singer and I'm very excited to be one of your 2016-2017 lieutenant governors. This year I will be a Senior at Columbia Heights High School. Besides Key Club I am in a variety of other activities including volleyball, math team, knowledge bowl, and National honor society. Outside of school, I love spending time watching movies, playing volleyball, or playing card games.


I look forward to meeting many of you as the year goes on. As my second year on the district board, I hope to further inspire you all, making caring everyone's way of life. As lieutenant governor, my goals for the year are to connect club officers to the district board, as well as connecting Key Club with the rest of our Kiwanis Family.  I look forward to bonding with members throughout division 7a, and I'm sure this year's board will accomplish outstanding things!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime at


Division 7b - Alize Love-Miller

 My name is Alize Love-Miller. I am currently a junior at Henry Sibley High and am from Division 7b. There are many things I would like to accomplish during my time as Lieutenant Governor Division. I have many goals ranging from increasing attendance at meetings, and paid measures, as well as getting more males to join Key Club, to increasing the number of volunteer jobs we do with our K family.


My goals consist of many things but the most important is to help clubs in my division increase is to help clubs in my Division increase attendance as well as get general ideas of how to get more people interested. I want to get all club board members emails and phone numbers to have a monthly chat about how the meetings have gone, how many have attended, how many have volunteered and showed up, as well as what they think they have accomplished and how they think I would best be able to help them. I would also like to set up a meeting every two month where everyone from the clubs in my Division can meetup and discuss projects that they would like to do and projects they have felt have been successful. I would like to have this meeting so everyone can share their ideas and feel like they are included and aren't being forced to do only volunteer projects that their board have chosen. I would also like to increase the number of males in our clubs so it is nor just females. Finally I would like to organize service projects with the other branches of the K family so that we are more connected together and more of a family than just a different branch of volunteering for different age groups. I would like us to know each other and be able to work together to improve our community. These are the goals I hope to accomplish during my time as Lieutenant Governor for Division 7b    



Division 7c - Grace Greason 


Hi! My name is Grace Greason and I'll be serving MinnDak Key Club as Lieutenant Governor of District 7c. I am currently a rising senior at Mayo High School in Rochester, MN, and joined Key Club my junior year. Community service is one of my biggest passions, so I am super excited and honored to serve as LTG!

When I'm not volunteering for Key Club, I keep busy with a wide range of activities such as my county's Environmental Commission, Science Olympiad, and a mentor ship I completed at the Mayo Clinic. I was also selected as a member of the United Stated Senate Youth Program this past spring, where I was able to observe the federal government at work and meet many other young people that share my passion for politics. In my free time, I love to self-study Spanish, travel the world, and play tennis.

I am beyond thrilled to serve Key Club as LTG! I look forward to brainstorming with all of you to find ways to increase Key Club participation and service opportunities. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions, ideas, or suggestions- I'd love to hear from you!